Kelsey Halcomb

My husband has visited Prince Cuts three times now. While his hair always looks great after his visit, two of the three times, his barber has been late. Not just running behind on clients, he was not even at the shop. The first time he was about 10-15 minutes late. The second time was yesterday (12/11/21) and the barber was 45 minutes late. I’m a cosmetologist myself and I never have time to cut my husband’s hair, so he has been utilizing a barber. The tardiness of the barber was unacceptable. 10-15 minutes I could possibly understand due to Lexington traffic, but 45 minutes? Unprofessional. I could understand if an explanation was given or even a personal emergency. What should have been a 30 minute excursion at most turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. We were on a tight schedule yesterday and had my husband not been in desperate need of the cut, he would have left. My husband also stated that his barber was not the only one that was late, as three of them came in late together and there were multiple people in the waiting area in the same position as him. The shop also did nothing to help the situation such as offering a coupon or even an apology for his wait. It seems punctuality is an issue at this shop and we will no longer be utilizing their services. The quality is great but if you can’t commit to show up on time, that diminishes it drastically.

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