1. Corded and Cordless Hair Clippers

Having multiple hair clippers allows you to rotate their usage during busy workdays. Make sure your choice satisfies the following:

  • Usability.
  • Durability.
  • Performance.

2. Hair Edger

These are tools that are used to trim unique lines and shapes.

They are often characterized by their T-shaped blade design.

3. Electric Barber Shavers

Not everyone will come in for a haircut; some clients just need a good clean shave.

Therefore, electric shavers must be included in the list of things a barber needs

4. Haircutting Capes

The last thing you want is to have hair clipping all over your client.

It won’t bode well for your reputation.

5. A Duster Brush

Duster brushes are also very essential barber shop tools.

These are the tiny brushes used to brush away stray hair clippings off the front and back of your client’s neck.

Written by Amir Shalash