Books and Barbers


We believe children are the future. Through mentorship, education and impactful experiences, we can play a part in helping to shape that future. Books and Barbers is a reading and mentorship program that not only increases literacy rates in children, but it helps kids to gain a boost in confidence, enhance their learning experiences and increase community involvement. Books and Barbers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. At Prince Cuts, we welcome children to take part in our initiative. If a child reads a book while getting a haircut, he or she will be given: -$3 cash -A free book of their choice -A free sticker of their choice

Why We Created Books and Barbers:

A huge father absence crisis is occurring today in America. Research shows that a child raised in a father-absence home is more likely to have “behavioral issues, commit a crime, and seven times more likely to become a teen parent.” Amir Shalash, Owner of Prince Cuts Barbershop, began this program with the intent to make up for lack of male support children are receiving in Lexington, Kentucky. In addition, 31% of kids are below proficient reading level in the United States. It’s our goal to increase this rate one barbershop at a time. This service is currently open to any child grades K-6 during normal business hours at Prince Cuts barbershop in Lexington, Kentucky. If you would like to learn about supporting our mission or adding Books and Barbers to your shop, please contact us.

How To Help

Would you like to donate to the Books and Barbers program targeted towards children grades K-6? Then stop by Prince Cuts Barbershop at 2925 Richmond Road in Lexington Kentucky during normal business hours. (Mon-Wed 9-8 Thu-Sat 9-10 Tuesday 11-7) Please help cultivate the love of reading, and positively impact children and local neighborhoods by donating your time, services, books, or a cash donation to Books and Barbers in person or online at GoFundMe . Your donations will help Books And Barbers continue to reach other barbershops and children in communities everywhere, which will positively impact literacy rates, public speaking skills, and allow your child to positively step outside their comfort zone.
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